Brain Synchrony During Student-Teacher Interactions

Cognitive Neuroscience; Developmental Psychology; Education

Real-world interactions involve multiple brains engaging together. Traditional neural metrics consider individuals in isolation. We will quantify engagement via student-teacher brain synchrony.

Research Interests
  • data science
  • educational neuroscience

Real-world human interactions involve multiple brains dynamically engaging together. However, traditional neural metrics consider individual people in isolation. This project focuses on developing a metric for quantifying and optimizing cognitive performance and engagement using simultaneous recording and integration of multiple streams of neural data from student-teacher pairs interacting with each other.

Desired outcomes

Our main objective is to develop a neural metric of student-teacher brain synchrony that relates to cognitive performance and engagement. Desired outcomes of the project are two peer reviewed publications (one methodological, one applied), and sufficient pilot data/proof of concept for submission of competitive proposals for external funding to both the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.