Accelerating the Transition to Healthy and Sustainable Food by Appealing to the Senses

Business in Society; Statistical Methodology; Behavioral Economics; Econometrics; Social Psychology
“Conditional Median-based Bayesian Growth Mixture Modeling for Nonnormal Data," Behavior Research Methods, 54 (3), 1291-1305.

How should companies develop, promote, price, and deliver healthy, sustainable food products to increase market share, profitability, and sensory experience?

Research Interests
  • Sensory Marketing
  • Social Cognition
  • Sustainability
  • Growth Curve Modeling
  • Bayesian Estimation

We have the opportunity to design and implement survey-based research and randomized controlled trials in partnership with a local retail establishment focused on the production, promotion, and distribution of healthy, organic food. With expertise in the areas of field experimentation, longitudinal data analysis, sensory marketing, and sustainable commerce, we aim to develop this opportunity into an operation that will generate research insights of both practical and theoretical significance. We will complement the field-based research insights this operation will generate with results from lab-based experiments involving Mechanical Turk, UVA student, and Charlottesville community samples. The data we analyze will include both objective (e.g., product choice and sales) and perceptual (e.g., consumer attitudes and feelings) measures. Additional researchers at UVA we intend to collaborate with include Peter Belmi and Inhyun Han, among others.

"I am willing to self-fund my token." – Jeff Boichuk

"I am willing to self-fund my token." – Luca Cian

Desired outcomes

Academic publications in top-tier outlets, such as the Journal of Consumer ResearchJournal of MarketingJournal of Marketing ResearchNature Climate Change, and Psychological Methods.